Corporate hospitality

Corporate Hospitality

Our Giant Hat Tipi’s and Stretch Tents are available to hire for your event whether it be a private function, corporate do, product launch, TV event; we have vast experience providing to all and are here to enhance your event with our iconic tipi’s and stretch tent marquees.


Whether it’s a surprise party or special birthday celebration our Tipi’s & Stretch Tents will provide you with an elegant space to enjoy the company of your friends and family during your festivities.

No other structure is capable of providing the same atmosphere as a Giant Hat Tipi or Stretch Tent.


Whether you want to gather together your finest customers or employees and present a product or service that everyone will remember, or maybe you just want to say thank you in style; then associating your special corporate day with Stretch Tents or Kata Tipi’s will definitely ensure that everyone remembers your day and ultimately your gesture.

TV Events

Whether you are looking to have Giant Tipi’s or Stretch Tents in a fictional drama or have them as the ultimate interview room, our bespoke structures lend themselves perfectly to the purpose.

For producers and directors they offer the space and light to allow flexibility in shooting and because of their all weather capabilities provide great continuity.

For Gaffers and Riggers they offer the flexibility of structure to allow a host of lighting and camera positions as well as the ability to easily hide wiring, tracks and poles.


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